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Esther's Best Friend

Esther's Best Friend
By SandyMay on 10/02/2010
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After the call, she quickly slips into her clothes and flies to Baltimore, rents a car at the airport and heads to her mother''s to put the place on the market. Then she phones him, says she is driving up.

He waves her up the porch.

“I don’t know why she did it,” he shrugs, “no idea.”

He offers tepid lemonade, then lowers himself into the wobbly porch armchair.

“Terrible thing.”

Sitting across on the peeling white wicker rocker, she wipes the mascara running down her cheeks with her hankie, drops it into her handbag, crosses her heavy legs.

He catches a whiff of her perfume from clear across the sagging porch. Magnolia. Same scent Esther wore.

She stares at him. Powerful arms, left biceps sporting a tattooed heart, amazing yellow eyes, long and thick-lashed. Impressive looking, like her mother said.

Uneasy, he looks down at his dirt caked nails, muddy boots. He’d been weeding before she pulled up.

“Don’t you have any idea? You saw my mother more often than anyone else. She told me on the phone that she hardly ever left the house."

Did she know about him and Esther?

“You’d think you two were best friends”.

“She was lonely. By herself too much.”

‘She didn’t even leave me a note.” She groaned. “Nothing.”

He remembers the last time he saw Esther, her hair uncombed and stringy, in a pale pink bathrobe though it was late afternoon. How she’d pleaded with him to stay with her a little longer.

“She was lonely.”

“It’s not my fault.” She takes a Kleenex from her purse and blows her nose. “I called her every week.”

She still stands staring at him. What else should he say?

“That big house. All those knick knacks didn’t make her happy. “

“Nothing made her happy.”

“ She needed a man for the heavy work. Something was always breaking down.”

“A pathetic little woman,” she shakes her head.

”Well, she’s gone. It’s over with.” He reaches for her untouched glass of lemonade and hands it to her. “You’ve sure got her same blue eyes.” he smiles, ”Is that scent you’re wearing magnolia?”

© By SandyMay On 10/2/2010 12:06:54 AM
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