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The Manor ( Rough draft )

The Manor ( Rough draft )
By Amber1991 on 05/11/2011
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Three siblings, two sisters, and a brother living in the same house trying to live in harmony.

The oldest is Veronica, 30 years old and she works for a antiques appraiser. Brady is the middle child, 24 years old works at the Bookman a bookstore in Portland Oregon. Tara 18, the youngest of the group is the studying mythology, magic, legends, and folklore. She has been poked and laughed at, she never told anyone that ever since she was a toddler she had seen visions and spirits. Her parents always thought it was because she was the baby and wanted attention, they never thought it was because of something more. There parents died 2 years before, they all agreed that they should stay together. They will stay together until Tara can get a job and go to collage. Veronica wants to keep the house, so she will not kick out her family. Tara helps Brady out in the bookshop, while she learns there boss is the biggest jerk in the world she finds that the shop had been built in the 1800’s. While stacking the shelves with the new book arrivals when a book from the used books shelves fell off and onto the floor face up.
The book title is simply ‘Book of shadows’ No author no copy right and simply bound in leather dyed burgundy, simply hand worked the; the leather had been shaped into a knot work all the way around the edge with lovely corner knot to tie them all together. The illustrations skillfully rendered, the text practiced and controlled, beautiful but comprehensive. The illustrations of the plants are the most realistic and precise, the animals and things are not as well done but still wonderful. While looking in the book’s first few pages she finds a verse that reads;
‘In the hart we find our strength, and from that strength we find that which has been stolen from our mastery by the fearful and the antagonistic. Nevertheless, we do not hold it in our hearts forever filling our spirit with anger, we move on and forgive the frightened. We hope for their happiness and wellbeing as well as their acceptance. We merit their respect not their anger or their fear, pity, but mostly not their righteousness. Laws, rules, and a sense of right and wrong govern us, we feel love, harmony, pain. We are human, men and woman, we are life we are hope. We are witches.’

Amber Hill

© By Amber1991 On 5/11/2011 10:54:01 PM
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