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The land of Nod \


By itsmezoe on 02/26/2012
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i''m angry with the world
i''m angry with God
i''m angry with this bed
i''m angry with this pillow
i''m angry with these covers
all whom are culprits of my current problem
they let me dream
they fed my temptations

enchanting dreams of you i''ve been having every couple weeks

my favourite dream i''ve had of you yet
is the one in which i was lying on the ground
listening to such a euphonious song only
granted by my seemingly old laptop that contained
memories of my childhood
as i began to close my precarious eyes
faint images came into mind
they were so overwhelming
i kept steady for a couple brief seconds
i had never been so aware of my breath and my heartbeat
i tried to imagine the thoughts as sawdust being
blown away by the wind but every faint movement seemed
to make each fantasy, dream, thought of you
rush into my brain
i tried replacing such thoughts with the thought of another man
another lover i had, but the way i felt was unbearable
my brain felt like it had an itch
and it needed to be scratched to relieve the tickling sensation
i couldn''t make it disappear
so i gave in
as it crept into my brain
i felt this indescribable wave of calmness wash over me
i imagined his hands touching my arched back o so delicately
as if to touch my back with any more force i''d fall to ashes
i imagined him pulling me closer in such an elegant motion
i imagined him looking into my eyes, searching for the key to my heart
i imagined him looking at my rosy lips and then biting his own
as if to kiss me o to soon would be a sin of love
i imagined him then looking back into my eyes searching for approval this time
i imagined him then grabbing my face gently, his hands brushing against my face
as if he was the brush and i was the masterpiece that needed much steadiness
then slowly he leaned in and ever so slightly brushed his lips against mine
and he was done
leaving me craving just a little more taste
it was as if he held my favourite piece of candy
and i was the child that was given one swift taste
and then was left to dream about how it would feel to have one more savor
what i imagined made me feel relief like,
i had escaped something
but what i escaped from, i know not
i felt like i had been dipped in sunlight and set on the ground to dry
and for those few brief seconds i smiled
i felt as if i was somewhere most wonderful and no one could be there too

this image, this man i saw in my temporary daydream
his face resembled one of a friend
but i think to myself now as the darkness creeps into my room alerting me
it''s soon time to retire to my bed
was it him i liked
or the pleasure it gave me to dream about him

By itsmezoe On 2/26/2012 6:47:17 PM
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