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Warm Days of Sanity

Warm Days of Sanity
By inkblot on 03/22/2012
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Warm Days of Sanity

A Drama by
Samuel A. Alvarez

Arcturus, a merchant in Greece buries his wife, Rachel, after hes killed her.
A slow insanity sent him into a jealous rage. Days later, during a cold rain storm
he is haunted by her and digs her out of the grave.

The characters:

Arcturus - husband/madman
Rachel - wife/ghost
Proximus - angel/phantom

GREECE- Dining room of their home.
Arcturus and Rachel.

(Arcturus sits holding the hand of his wife as she lays swathed in sheer cotton, The soft glow of a candle illuminates both)

Oh, I say, in quiet confidence
I have seen in that vast way
The quiet abandonment that forebodes Death
The sullen blanketing of my cold flesh
Flesh that is, has, that will
Yearn, seemingly denied
The warm comforts of the past
Cradled now, fetal in the cold forgetting dark

(Rises and goes to a window staring out at the rain)

And to bear, to stomach, the slow burning
Of my soul
Now I shiver in the dank confines of loneliness
The cold fingers creep of memories past memories gone
And haunt, like whispers of her grave, empty

(Starts to cry)

And the ghost of her face rears
In the mirrored hall of my mind
Loneliness, now forever to endure
As I await
The slight return of your namesake
To touch, to hold, to ravage
To bring back the warm days of sanity

(Regaining composure)

Lifting the leaden darkness
And the cold clasp of my heart
To ask

(Arcturus, softly to himself.)

Is it not enough?
That I suffer madly from this distressing
Malady of the mind that twists and binds
And holds the days, the years, but not the tears
That so salt the wounds of my inner putrefaction


Will this not cease and lay me to sleep To not feelthe wait of your return no more Oh, just to shut an eye for eternal darkness
And nap the long death that I now dream

(Crosses arms and lowers his head to sleep)

A dream that I alone cannot attain
But through the will of God and his merciful being!
Take my time and take back my tears
And now the shame of my requisition
That now in me sits, rotting
Waiting for her return
And the dawn that I relinquish

(Arcturus in repose, as Proximus appears laying a ghostly hand on his shoulder)

Proximus- Oh, poor wretched man!
What of this life bequeathed?
Is that not a love worth kept?

(Awakened startled Arcturus stumbles)

Arcturus- whence ye come phantom, and for what purpose but to destroy for my blaspheme!

Proximus-- For life without her and a life in hell is the same
Is it not?
I question your reason, or lack there of
If you cant find it in your heart
Why should you find it in your blood?
Tis absurd, perverse, to requiem before Death
For your Death is certain
But the days beheld are not, but vital to a man
A man in need of love, of warmth of sex

(To his feet facing, Proximus in awe.)

Arcturus- Tis it not perverse to subject anyone to this harsh reality
Tis it not absurd to have hope and belief when there is none
I hope and I believe but there is no one

(Paces, circling the table and stops, gazing at his dead wife.)

None to rekindle the fire that still in me burns
None but the cold that claws from beyond the winds and
Moans at the windows for me and I for it
There is no warmth of a lover in clandestine chamber
No beckoning sound of my name from such soft lips
No willing mistress, no whore and certainly not the one that I so grieve

Proximus- (sighing) Forgive or forsake? What is she to say of this?

Arcturus- (pretentious and angry) It matters none, she is cold and dead!

Proximus- Dead and cold yes, but still a soul none the less!

Arcturus- Oh, leave me be! You speak no reason
For she is just a shell, an empty shell

Proximus- empty not, but a dead shell that still holds your life inside, no?

Arcturus- Perhaps, and perhaps not. What if I am to die and be trapped in the stare of her eyes as she is trapped in mine? This I cannot take any longer!

Proximus- if thou were to die than thou shalt die, if time allots and if God sees fit then it shall be, but the days have begun anew and time beckons none before the call. The weight that must be lifted is a burden beyond all chores and it is yours alone.

(Proximus begins to fade)

Rain sheets the glass as tears of the sun
As thine God mourns the loss of her
And I lift the burden for all time
Is there no forgiveness in the sound of a name?
That will revive the loss of my wife

(Arcturus falls to knees before a window
As the rain stops and the sun shines through)

Arcturus- (sobbing madly) Please my lord forgive

By inkblot On 3/22/2012 4:01:51 AM
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