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The land of Nod \

i met an owner

i met an owner
By javajoe on 09/11/2017
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here it is...said the sewer truck driver...
I was a teenager. playing around and some older boys started chasing me.
couldn't see them but they were right on me around the corner.
I thought hey....I can hide against this fence....it was shaded and on the edge of the path.
underneath at the edge I saw a lot of change. mostly pennies. but many dimes and a few nickels. so I was debating...hey nobody will know...so I found a drinking glass...how was it on a small wood table?
I put a small handful of leaves and change in it.
then kind of near a post I saw a pile with some change in it.
I stupidly put my hand in it and yeah u got a few pennies...but bugs swarmed out.
they flew all in the air. I started to get up and run.
then...it started raining paint.
paint bugs?
I ran and found an open gate.
the gate led to a large wood shed that was the entrance to a nice property.
I realized my mistake....not my place, private so I better leave...
I headed back but the gate closed.
I thought ok...I can find another wa2 out. every way..I get to a point and at the opening a wood panel closes and I can't get out I get to a smaller shed and one side is open but there's piano wire...horizontal across the opening.
2 feet in front of that is barbed wire.
then between the barbed wire and the property edge is a 5 foot moat. sewery swampy. another guy is trapped with me. on speaker...."I wouldn't climb that...it's anodized and coated with flesh eating bacteria...even if you make it, there's Fred. my pet".
and Fred the giant snapper turtle bigger than a linebacker pops his head out of the swampy soup. swimming randomly.

i give up and some guy comes out and hands me two sets of golf gloves...green and blue...in a flat package
I say thanks. turns out he needs amusement and he's rich so he set up this elaborate thing as half security half joke.
wow. he has the money for this ? he must be Jerry Jones or Arnold Palmer or something.
but the dream ended. guess I didn't want to get trapped again.
any idea what the dream meant? thanks.

? By javajoe On 9/11/2017 7:17:49 AM
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