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Mutant Zucchini

Mutant Zucchini
By westcoastmama on 07/21/2006
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Mutant zucchini
Current mood: chipper
Category: Blogging

My mom and dad came to visit tonight. I figured since we'd been eating so heavily coz my mother-in-law LOVES to feed us, I'd make something light. Thursdays have become my kitchen duty since it's the only day I have off during the week So, anyway, my mom and dad brought some veggies from their garden...tomatoes, avocados (yes, avocados!!) and the BIGGEST zucchinis!! I kid you not! Okay, I know ya'll are gonna laugh coz I'm totally going to be dating myself with what I'm about to write, but do you all remember the 80's cartoon "Captain Caveman"? lol Well, the way he used to fly was with his "super powered" club! These zucchini..., let's just say you can knock a wooly mammoth on it's ass with it!! We could feed a family of 12 and still have leftovers!! They're that huge!!

Oh, yeah, and I had written that she wanted me to paint something for a church anniversary gift on my last post. I just about finished it. Basically, it's a painting of a torch. It's alright. I hope the pastor likes it. I'm going to put the gloss coat on it tomorrow. I did a couple of other things too, but I'm going to redo them. coz they're not the greatest and I don't like them. Yeah, I know...I'm my own worst critique, but I REALLY don't like them so it's either paint over them or completely forget about them! I'd rather paint over them. lol...

I'm gonna work on a couple of poems now. I don't know if I'll like the outcome coz I felt like having a cooler and well, it's really relaxing me, so we'll see what happens. Night all!

More of ME on ifwisheswerediamonds.blogspot.com

© By westcoastmama On 7/21/2006 2:59:25 AM
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