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a few notes on florida

a few notes on florida
By ms finch on 04/16/2008
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a few notes in florida

i have just made my self a perfect cup of coffee
excuse me while i have a sip

omg / perfect / /

lynze has some kind of cuban coffee that is rich
& almost chocolate flavour / / it's strong so i make
it americano / shot of expresso & then topped w/ hot water

i've been adding hazel nut carnation coffee "stuff" which is good
in a way / / but this morning / after noon / as it were / i have the
good fortune of half & half / + brown sugar / / / uh huh / / the perfect mix

i spent the morning cleaning up lynze's enclosed patio / / made us a chill space
to hang & smoke & drink coffee / / / i got rid of the winter's debris / reconfigurated

& now here i am sitting out / enjoying the sound of chimes / feeling the cool winds
gust thru / / there are an assortment of flower ing shrubs / some purple / some pink
some / softest peach colour / / i have no idea what kind of plants they are / but to rest
my eyes on flowers grow ing in the garden / gives me great joy / a sense of / feel ing good

damn that's a good cuppa cuban joe / / /

i also moved the power bar out here for easy access & johnny has brought out the key boards

every once in a while a giant whistling gust of wind has it's way / / threatening like an angry child

there is a constant hum of jet planes in the sky / & over head / white birds i'm supposing are gulls

catch the waves of wind against pale blue skies / open skies with houses defining horizons

i also made a pot of chicken soup / with plenty of onion celery carrots & noodles

salt & pepper / of course / / /

in the kitchen the dish washer hums / / i open all the windows in the house
even in the boys room until the sun comes around / / i feel bad lee to smoke
so much in the house / but yet i do / take advantage / / / / to day / i take it
out side / /

johnny doesn't talk to me much / / / we are in silence most of the time
as we go internal / i feel envious that johnny can occupy himself with play
end less hours on the key boards / i clean & cook in stead / / / i write by
hand in a book jack gave me / filled with old poems in a lawyers scrawl
written in fountain pen / / i start fill ing in the corners / write around tiny poems
set in the middle of page / / / none of makes sense / / i be gin to for get where i am

the other day / i got the sense of not being able to remember where i live / inability to
recall / the environment i call home / i could not see my garden / where do i live i wondered
just where do i live / & scenes of houses past / dimmed thru my head / / /

some where / sirens / / / some where / / quiet

i think i may have warmed up / but i'm not entirely sure / /

birds caw / make a raucous noise of wtf / / another air plane

but no voices / no one around / / one gets the sense the neighbourhood is deserted / /

windows drawn up tight / there is not even the smell of bbq / no childrens voices

just who lives in these little immaculate houses with white mail boxes / where nothing is

out of the ordinary except for the wind / / the dream is momentarily broken as a car drives

by / / as the dish washer slips in to / yet another cycle of it's own / / /

these are all just dream scapes / /

the palmetto scrapes its fronds against the patio screen
with each gust /

my coffee begins to get cold / / /

© By ms finch On 4/16/2008 6:58:35 PM
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