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By The Grey Madness on 04/05/2012
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Most of you (in New Zeland) would have seen the recent Coke advertisement.

It has a Popcorn and Drink dispenser person swapping Coke for Coke Zero. The Coke Zero was in the second cup inside another regular Coke Cup. The Cinema Screen opens to show the dispenser then the camera pans to the public to show their incredulous faces as they were shown the deception. We the public are then meant to believe that Coke Zero is better for you and you cant taste the difference.

Added to this is the small print saying this was a closely monitored event and should not be repeated under any certain circumstances.

My first questions are why?

Why not repeat the test is it because it would not meet with similar results? Is it that the free (come one, the subjects had to be there for a free movie and free drinks) nature of the test would show the distortion of their criteria for letting people into the demonstration?

In fact lets take a shot at the inclusion criteria

- Do you want to preview a new movie for Free?
- You must have no medical conditions such as cardiac problems, angina, hypertension, no kidney fraction emission issues, a perfectly working liver, brain tumours are acceptable, taste buds are discretionary, no diabetes, no epilepsy, no allergies or hay-fever, in fact you must have never been sick in your life, etc.
- You must have never drunk any type of what is known as the brand name Coke.
- This movie will be set in a hospital theatre for reasons you do not need to know.
- You have no legal recourse to any litigious action and will sign a waiver to this effect.

I figured this would be the first page at the very least of such a demonstration disclaimer.

To me this does not show that Coke Zero is equal to or in fact better than regular Coke.


They tried this out as a prank in the 1950s.

They told those watching TV that they were trialling a new technology that would allow watchers to smell the program and for those who could do so to ring into a special line.
They received +++ calls for something that did not exist outside of their own malleable and easily influenced minds.

Uri Geller tried the same thing over TV in the 70s he told the watchers he was using his mind to bend spoons in their house. Again people flocked to the phone lines to report they indeed had found a bent spoon in their draws. This was pure con as everyone has a bent spoon somewhere and when they find it after the previous information is imbedded in their minds they attribute it to the powers of a con-man whose only ability is to use psychology and basic household items that most have and that most never notice as they are too busy with pretending to live or stirring the valium into their mid-morning tea.

All this latest advert shows me is that the general population is psychologically very pliable to what they see and is given to them. They are given a black fizzy drink and told it is coke they see and are given supposedly factual information and take it at face value.
This is not about the nuances of the taste buds nor an amazing revelation that will drive me to drink Coke Zero, especially when I dont drink either anyway.

No, this is not about taste.

This is about a population resembling a dressed up flock of sheep and the advert has more information to say to the politicians than to anyone else. If they are watching and thinking this will only reinforce their nature of producing what you want to see and believe and then making you swallow something else.

Though this time it will be more distasteful than a simple swap of a fizzy drink.

But swallow it we will and be thankful they have distilled Orwells gin to achieve that actualisation of being Comfortably Numb.


David George Barnett

By The Grey Madness On 4/5/2012 11:25:39 PM
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