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At work on druggs... (again!)

At work on druggs... (again!)
By AlanGarfoot on 07/08/2015
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Within the mystic realms of the unknown,
Higher dimensions are said to exist,
The science of clairvoyance,
Metaphysic of the neo-enlightenment,
Knowledge of the secrets of reality,
Of manifestation and subtle existence,
Of sacred supernal forces,
That auger and empower this physical being,
Oh the replenishing forces of spirit,
Bringing the realignment of perspectives,
A plateau of perfection aspired for and true,
An inspiration that will never end,
The damaged but true ether will mend,
A perfected light true and glowing,
Untold secrets ripe to the knowing,
Psions will gather and the druids see,
What the planet has in store for them you and me,
In the pursuit of the essence of immortality,
Manifest perfection of the channelled higher self,
That part of us which already knows the fifth dimension.
These words my lover are for you,
Beckon unto me and enlightenment true,
Increase my knowledge of the subliminal lore,
Of the ancient times which came before,
Teach us the sacred geometry of the lines of lay,
Through the immortal soul and the genome say,
Unlock the doors of mind and open chambers of heart,
Let the trauma rest and a bright future start,
Spread the enlightenment of our days and times,
Through knowledge of lyric and profound rhyme,
Lead us all to a development of scope,
A perfection of self and a paradigm of hope,
That together united we stand as one,
Respect to the members who are departed and gone,
Inspire within us the love of the purest truth,
Emerge from pseudoscience and give us the proof,
The metaphysics of the spirit the soul and more,
In the search for true enlightenment,
We knocked at your door.
Of a manifest and real corporeal existence,
Physical presence of an immortal essence,
An evoked higher self truly embodied,
The self perfected to a degree of infinity,
Our souls entwine as we touch,
Spirits merging as we become one,
Taking the form of our passions,
Such is the true beauty of heavens grace,
Oh the glory and splendour of forces unbound,
The inner power and purity of the truth,
Precision thought of a gifted mind,
Every quality of your self is a perfection,
The goddess to me you truly are,
Of such profound wonder and awe,
Oh how the summer moon hangs low in the sky,
Its yellow glow so warm and inviting,
In your eyes i see the sparkle of the stars,
The essence of your unique beauty,
Of such a deep and intense spiritual radiance,
Truly I adore you my love.
Gone is all of the negativity and oppression,
Freed from the mechanics of misery,
Of the perpetual accursed solitary redemption,
Where all that i am is sickened and corrupted,
Oh for the rich and exclusive of class,
We bear such interesting and unusual scars,
So overwhelming was the sadistic sorrow,
Oh lord have mercy and true sanctuary,
That for this day I may have a quiet mind,
As for you I had such perfect love,
Breaking down and crying tears of red blood,
Corrupted and cursed for anothers pleasure,
And held accountable for her book of lies,
The heroic rapture I dreamed of,
It certainly wasnt.
Beyond all doubt rational,
And all correction logical,
All suspicion possible,
And all reason applicable,
Searching for objective primary being,
Separated from the entanglement,
With subjective opinion and belief,
The true shape of consciousness,
Just another feedback loop,
For fresh memes to colonise,
To alter perception and self,
As mind, thought and idea erode,
Under the crashing waves of repetition,
Which sculpt our beliefs and ideology,
Forming true individuality and originality,
Through the introspective forces of the self,
Within the realms of subconscious disposition,
The dynamic home of the higher self,
Oh the powers channelled of a pure will,
Soulific connection to the metaphysic of the Gods.
Empowered beyond all possible definition,
Released again my spirit anew,
My aura and essence rejuvenated,
From the yoke of the inner soul,
I am energised and revitalised,
All that I truly am emerges,
Dynamics of the Druids of Sol,
The understanding of the ancients,
The knowledge encoded into our genes,
The infinite essence of sacred circles,
The cosmic rapture of true enlightenment,
Our minds touch across the void between us,
Deep and profound is our pure connection,
Through empathy i sense your heart,
Reassured I calm and my mind settles,
Harmonised within the chaos becomes order,
Oneness becomes and the soul centres,
Our connection surrounds and becomes all,
I give myself to you completely,
And we sleep under a blanket of starlight.
Perception and form so ultimate and true,
Beyond all of perceptions illusions and guises,
Overcome are all of the boundaries between us,
And for a brief fleeting moment,
Perfections essence is glimpsed,
Through the eyes of the inner self,
Together we see the essence of the universe,
In its purest state of being,
A sublime rush which grips the very soul,
Connecting together the essence of existence,
So perfected is the energy of the higher realms,
That the higher self can no longer be denied,
Together we find focus within the blurred edges,
Cognitive programming activates and manifests,
Synaptic software connecting the soul with the self,
Then dynamics of the spirit converge and manifest,
Like a long lost friend emerging from the crowd,
With a loving essence we integrate the soul,
And we harness the secret abilities of the mind,
In the purest moment we touch infinity,
Enlightened to the sacred geometry forevermore.
From deep within the heart I sing,
Of the soul of nature and enlightened beings,
The spirits of kindred guardians come forth today,
To warn of the dangers still standing in the way,
We be neither fools nor masters of self,
Psychonaughtic students of inner mental wealth,
Merging our auras to each other we connect,
Combining our refinements till we both are perfect,
On a plateau of enlightenment each other we found,
Such prowess, skill and vision you are so profound,
A unique individual I worship who you are,
Even though separate I know your wishful loving star,
Hope, courage and honour you inspire in my being,
Subtle visions of the future within our daydreams,
I embrace this new day with a passion in my heart,
Our entwined loving souls that are never really apart,
O my spontaneous heroic lover for you I shall wait,
My inspirational soulific other together we contemplate,
No word on a page could ever equate your true being,
The inspirational emancipation of a cosmic meme machine.
Two souls fused,
Two spirits fly,
Two bodies mingle,
Together riding high,
The clouds part before us,
With a gentle celestial grace,
The embodiment of the future,
Guiding the human race,
Through unlocking the inner door,
A true freedom can be known,
Wisdom and wealth unknown before,
A soul refined and precision honed,
Concerned with our collective Human fate,
Our imprints on the pages of history,
That those who aspire may one day master,
The spiritual orb of our personal destiny,
Refining self in the solitude of self-exile,
Perfecting heart and uncovering soul,
Through faith never faltering or failing,
Returning as the leader empowered and whole.
Purest parallel perfection of power,
Slowly consuming the cosmos with grace,
Have we all not been bent into acquiescence,
Perfect pictures roll out before me,
Mystical forest of the enraptured natural soul,
The secret higher treasures hidden in lush valleys,
Sweet sensuality of the spirit in the hanging mist,
Metaphysical of mind are the truest ancients,
Oh how I craved her so selflessly,
Like a spark is to the fires of passion,
Was my spirit to her perfected and deep soul,
Her wild and free daring nature,
Her exotic and enchanting eyes,
She is beauty in all forms manifest,
To me she is such wonder and joy,
The essence of purest love she is,
Such perfection to the core of her being,
Radiant as like warm golden sunshine,
The glow of her eternal spirit,
Is the essence of immortal love.
Essence of the immortal,
Of the universe in itself,
Cosmic arts of the interstellar spirit,
As introspection upon the true self,
The revelation of what is truly real,
Within the soul of your solar spirit,
A being of such power and totality,
One who can resist others negative opinions,
Truth is the passion within your heart,
Facts and reason constitute my mind,
Knowledge is my bastion and steel,
Ideology is but the game of fools,
Power is the capacity to act,
Wisdom is knowing when,
Success but the merit of positive endeavour,
Skill is the means by which we succeed,
As a being of pure and true essence,
Your totality within echoes the universe,
Oneness becomes of harmonic convergence,
Here within this space enlightenment begins.
To you I owe you this,
My effort and dedication,
My focus drive and inspiration,
These things flow freely from you,
Within the essence of the eternal,
I quest onwards and upwards,
Always extending my horizons,
And the vision of those around me,
So that a greater picture,
Will come to manifest,
To take root,
Grow in the fertile soul,
And flourish as an eternal being,
Emerging as one amongst equals,
To create a new destiny for ourselves,
And to unify through empathy as a nation,
A oneness shared between all people,
An equality through the science of synthesis,
We become citizens of the globe,
Unique in the vast heavens of the stars.
Beyond normal sensation,
Lying just outside of perception,
There exists a realm,
So subtle in nature,
Only the rarest and purest,
Of truly enlightened beings,
Who listen to the beat of the heart,
To hear the voice of the soul,
The sacred echoes of eternity,
Will ever uncover,
Or truly comprehend,
Our dream-ship ways,
Concealed we are safe,
Perfected and almighty,
Ancient creeds and paths entwine,
Of the eternal souls of the leaders,
A universal enlightened consciousness,
Dimensional science empowers our beings,
Our inner self manifest and higher nature refined,
Under the lock of spirit and key of the soul.
Beneath the sacred veil,
The purest and most protected,
The children of Eden,
Essence of being,
Gifts of freedom,
Awaken our souls,
Unifying the spirit,
Each individual,
Born again in love,
Created anew,
Awakened within,
Something primordial,
Stirs inside,
Causal structures,
Influence dynamics,
The fractal patterns,
Of a metacrystalline lens,
Representing higher intuitions,
In the flow of perceptual sensation,
Within the stream of consciousness.
Powers of the cosmic universal oneness,
Unify your will and essence through us,
Channel your focus together as one,
And transcend petty subjectivities,
And emerge together as one flow,
Channeling consciousness as one being,
The energy of the eternal soul,
Sacred vibration of the will within,
The power of those unique of essence,
Such entities of passion and of love,
Universal beings of the purest spirit,
A legacy of the Gods among their people,
The stars bekon for our global aspirations,
The dimensions of mind and matter,
Civilisation is but our unifying cause,
Eternal is the passion which burns inside,
May the hope of the ancients light our path,
The inspiration of youth becoming aspiration,
Given ideal conditions genius will grow true,
The becoming of the interstellar Human race.
You have such pure crystal eyes,
Your touch so sensual and soft,
Of the souls sacred path,
You are such perfection to me,
A vision of beauty before me every day,
A thick orange saturation of the core,
Ebbing through your aura from your soul,
Swirling, merging, enveloping and engulfing,
Consuming every inch of my being,
From deep within come the flashes of visions,
Only a part of our destiny is ours to control,
So remember we belong to the world,
Yet our forms fit so flawless and perfected,
Effortless we lock in such elegant grace,
Together we reciprocate our affections,
Unification of the self beyond mere words,
Heart and soul dedicated to the cause,
Soul and mind merging in cosmic totality,
Spirit eternal the essence of the immortal,
The true nature of the spirit of life.
Calling from above,
With passion and power,
Precision and perfection of focus,
Lights beam into the sky,
The thrill of anticipation,
Brave we venture forth,
Into the mists of forever,
As eternal students,
Dedicated to the core,
Spiritual in creed,
The sacred folk eternal,
Dynamics of the true self,
Essences of the soul,
Of introspective learning,
Are all true individuals,
Of our personal inner dynamics
Equating spiritual states,
With the natural souls song,
The self actualised dimensions,
Of the truly kindred spirits.
Connected through Arwen are we,
The infinite web of wonder,
All beings linked in oneness,
Together we are free,
Our sacred fraternity,
Seeds of the passion star,
Beings of emancipated true hope,
The essence of the cosmic vibration,
An immortal creed of the soul,
The dualities and the dynamics,
Of the true causalities,
Feed the fire which fuels our hearts,
A shared spiritual passion,
Protecting us from our own undoing,
Empower and engender our wills,
With love, elegance and grace,
A true beauty and real perfection,
Beyond all physical manifestation,
Yours is the essence I adore,
The purest of all perfection.
Together under the sacred stars,
The fire crackles and spits,
I glow inside of warm mead,
I take you in my arms,
I sigh deeply and mellow within,
Perfection lying in my arms,
True gift of the heavens to me,
Forever this night unified,
The magnificence and the majesty,
Our hearts as one beat with unity,
That deep down within
From the souls very core,
To the farthest reaches,
Of the interstellar spirit,
Ours is cosmic a love,
Higher dimensional essences,
Manifest the ultimate of being,
Together as one unified,
A power beyond all power,
The ancient metaphysical mind.
Angels of the stars shine with freedom,
Bestow within us gifts of love and aspiration,
The perfection of your beings unique totality,
Your enlightenment of such pure inspiration,
Your sacred alignment to me eternal,
Channelling our spirits together we unify,
The flow between us growing in strength,
Stream of consciousness flowing empowered,
Projection of causalities and tangent realities,
Representation of the signifier unification,
Such are the fundamental dynamics manipulated,
Of the nature of the inner soul,
Intuitions through the lenz of self,
Crystalisation of metaphysical consciousness,
Sensation beyond the threshold of reality,
Perceptions of an inner world of being,
Now manifests as all that surrounds you,
The modern day reincarnation of the spirit and soul,
Of the lords of all lords the most ancient of ancient ones.

? By AlanGarfoot On 7/8/2015 11:36:24 PM
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