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Robert`s Final Holiday Work Finale Part 1

Robert`s Final Holiday Work Finale Part 1
By deadmanseeking on 12/23/2016
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Nov. 28, 2016 was a chilly, blustery day. Robert was winding up the fifth week on his demanding new job as a janitor, watchman, and representative at a local mall. It had been a long hard haul, but he thought the worst was behind him. Saturday had been especially tough with him having what he referred to as sober walking mental brownouts. They differed from his sober walking mental blackouts because he knew where he was and had good control of his actions. He just couldn`t complete his assignments in proper order. He had to keep starting them over. He also had to stop often for raisins and 1/2 ham sandwiches because of low blood sugar counts caused by his type 2 diabetes and the physical demands of his job. Toss in stutter stops and starts during his daytime naps and it had been a horrible night that had him staying until 2am finishing all his cleaning assignments 2 hours later than scheduled.
He was staying on pace Sunday and would have finished on time but for a major error on his part when a non-paying service group wanted extra services from him on demand. He objected and they melted down to where he sought guidance from his boss. She talked to them, he apologized to them, and spent, he thought, precious 30 minutes doing what they asked, which put him 45 minutes behind. It was caused by what he called a walking grey out. In those, he knew where he was and what he was doing, but he couldn`t control his words or make the best decisions. The trouble he created for himself during these periods was demonstrated in the incident with the service group. He still got everything done on time. He was praying he`d never have another week like that. He`d do his work on Monday and put it all behind him.
It took from 12:45 am to 4 am for his adrenaline to relax enough to where he could get some restless sleep that lasted until 10 am Monday morning. He decided to cancel everything he had planned. He even called friends and cancelled lunch plans. he fell into a 4 hour relatively restful sleep. He woke with confidence. He had his second meal of the day, prayed and meditated for a 1/2 hour, packed his drink and food cooler, and arrived at work at 4:15 pm. He was surprised to meet the morning guy. He told him not to punch in and to go see the boss.
She asked a couple of questions then started on a list of errors that were ok the week before. She got part way through and started implying some sick things from beyond what brownouts and grey outs can cause.
Robert interrupted her kangaroo court, "Do you want the keys back?"
"I think so."
"Here. You want to read into the walking brownouts and grey outs things that aren`t true. I guess I`m still unemployable. Send me my last check." He stood and walked out of the office.
"Wait," said the morning guy, "I`ll have to let you get your things."
As the two neared the maintenance office Robert said, "You know, sometimes when you fire a white collar guy he goes home and gets his semiautomatic and returns and shoots up everything. You fire a blue collar guy and complains about not being called and told to stay home so he doesn`t have to drive to work. He`d also want $5 to cover his gas. He added with a stress chuckle, "I guess that service club showed me who`s boss."
On the way home he saw Toad`s was open. He pulled over and walked to the door.
"Merry Christmas!" he thought. "A nice reward for working black Friday night with a popular new show opening and keeping up with the garbage. Oh, well."

? By deadmanseeking On 12/23/2016 2:31:12 AM
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