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here goes nothing: intro

here goes nothing: intro
By EveeB on 05/24/2017
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since i keep loosing all my stuff i decided to keep it here. maybe it will make sense when i look back at it some day. some day. or like the ghost boy said, the others might find the breadcrumbs.
but to be honest i dont need this like i used to. when i was a kid, yeah. there were all these things happening that i didnt understand. like the odd little critters that watched me for no reason, like the people that woke me up in the middle of the night and screamed things at me i couldnt hear. like the way i felt the room almost peel away...or like if i tried hard enough I COULD peel it away to find the truth hiding right under the surface.
back when i was a kid and i felt like i was wrong for just existing. like i wasnt supposed to be this...thing that i was. small and brittle and wrong. i needed help. answers. but there was nothing. no matter how hard i tried to understand what they were shouting...the silence was deafening. and i hated it.
i dont need this anymore. i really dont. i made peace with the past and im alive and i know im not alone. a little odd...maybe but i exist and the ghost boy brought friends to talk to me. they tell me stories. i write them down. its what i do. i write down the stories they tell me.
so ill tell you this now...i dont have a great imagination. everything i write, someone told me. the dead kids, the doll lady, the pig man, and Mr. Blue. im not an original anything. in fact, from what i hear there are a near uncountable number of other mes. there is NOTHING special about me. nothing. and im okay with that. the multiverse is a big place. take comfort in that. i know i do. so today i'll forget about my Vertigo publishings dream, about writting books and some day quitting my minimum wage job at Evil Inc., and ill do what i think im supposed to do with this short, blip of a misserable existance. and tell you the stories of the Ghost Boys. who were my closest friends and sometimes only friends.
oh, and im sorry about the grammar and the misspellings. i really didnt pay attention during my english classes in school.

? By EveeB On 5/24/2017 12:25:34 AM
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